What is RAW41?

RAW41 is a small (Win32 console) utility for loading HP-41 programs into the emulator and saving programs from the emulator to separate files. It can be used with HP-41E emulator for HP-48S/SX/G/G+/GX (HP41E48 and its derivatives), HP-49G (HP41E49 and its derivatives) and HP-49G+/50G (HP41E50 and its derivatives). It cannot be used with HP-41X.

How to use RAW41?

Since RAW41 can be executed on PC only, you have to transfer RM41 file from calculator to PC. Then you must execute RAW41.EXE to load a HP-41 program to the RM41 file. You can load multiple programs in succession, of course, by running RAW41 several times. After you have loaded all programs you need, simply send RM41 file back to the calculator and execute emulator with the updated file. The program pointer will be set to the last loaded program.

The syntax is: RAW41 <FILENAME.RAW> [<RM41.OLD>] [<RM41.NEW>]

Loading programs

The simplest and most useful form is 'RAW41 TEST.RAW'. This will load program(s) contained in TEST.RAW into RM41 file. If the extension is omitted then '.RAW' is assumed. You can add another two parameters to specify another input and output file. For example, 'RAW41 TEST.RAW RM41 RM41.NEW' will load program(s) contained in TEST.RAW into RM41 file and produce a new file called RM41.NEW leaving the original file intact. If you have HP-41 files in another format (P41, for example) then you can use the excellent HP41UC program developed by Leo Duran to convert it to the RAW format.

Saving programs

As mentioned before, RAW41 can be used for saving programs, too. If you execute 'RAW41 - RM41' or just 'RAW41 -' then all programs from RM41 file will be saved as separate files with names from PRGM.001 to PRGM.xyz where 'xyz' is the total number of programs in RM41. The second parameter is the (optional) name of the RM41 file and the third parameter is the optional name of the program to save (instead of 'PRGM'). Individual programs are saved as standard RAW files with checksum and are aligned to 256-byte boundaries. If the program has a global label then first global label will be used as a program name. Instead of '-', you can call RAW41 with '*' as the first parameter to save all programs from the RM41 file to a single file (the complete program memory will be saved).

Listing programs

To list a directory of all programs from RM41 file simply execute 'RAW41 ? RM41' or just 'RAW41 ?'.