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Note: Here you can find various negative bits & bytes which I don't want to see on main pages. Not much content for the time being but it will grow a lot in the future, I can assure you that.
Can someone enlighten me - what's the "clear melody"?!? Because the other day some guy jumped out of nowhere complaining that he listened to "3-5 of my tracks" (he didn't even know the exact number of tracks he listened to) and stopped because they don't have a "clear melody", implying that my melodies are obviously - "unclear"! Like I ever asked him or anyone else to listen to any of my 3-5 tracks, LOL. But, despite not asking him as I couldn't care less, he even gave me an example of a track with a "clear melody" which appears to be just a blatant Klaus Schulze solo copycat attempt by some guy from a country where many KS copycats came from. So, in that sense, no "clear melodies" here and anyone who is searching for "clear melodies" will have to search somewhere else. Although, I am in doubt now - maybe I still should start from scratch and create music using this track as a blueprint, so the poor fellow could then listen to more than 3-5 of my tracks, LOL, LOL, LOL, ... What a piece of ...

Seriously, to everyone ... please, if you cannot grasp the concept of atmosphere, and voyage, and everything what I think I explained quite well on my page and elsewhere, then do us both a favor - don't bother and don't listen to my music! The most simple way to avoid unnecessary trauma, for sure. And don't contact me trying to "explain" what is "wrong" with my music and what should I do to make it "right". Also the concept of imagination and "artistic freedom" where everything is allowed and everyone is free to create what he likes, and it's up to the listener if he wants to listen to something or not. If you cannot accept this, or are unable to understand this, then just go away. I don't ask anyone to listen to my music, let alone to like it.

Applies to my software as well. If you don't like Tranzistow or Diodow for whatever reason then simply disappear and save us endless bitching about GUI, UI, UX, OX, why no some feature, why no Macburger/iOSranje version or why I should use 432Hz only because 440Hz has been invented by Nazis and the like.

Also, this eternal "why did you use assembler when compiler can do better" mantra ... First of all, there is no real proof that a compiler can do better, sorry to disappoint you. And if it perhaps did better in some particular case then learn from it and beat the compiler next time, that's what smart people do. I know that I couldn't achieve such level of Tranzistow quality and performance without doing everything engine-related in pure assembler using SSE3 and AVX2. Simply not possible with a high-level language / compiler. Second, I've done all that the way I did it because I love it. And last but not least, I've done it because I can and you cannot. I know how to do it and you don't know.

Those who know me also know that I am very polite and very rarely being rude. But the world around me is going in the wrong direction for quite some time and wherever you go - there will most likely be bunch of rude morons who try to step on your foot. Even if you don't go anywhere, morons will come to you, no problem for them, for example - while you happily enjoy morning fog and sun in Hrastwood. So maybe it's the time for me to finally become less polite to those who don't deserve to be treated in a nice manner?
I always find it insulting when someone refers programmers as "coders" because coding is to programming like typewriting is to book writing.

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