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Important notice: I am not a member of any "music rights protection" organization anymore, so contact me directly for all inquiries regarding public performance of my work. So, "protectors" and "collectors" like HDS, ZAMP and the like - steer away from my music, you don't have anything to "protect" or "collect" here!

Hello. Welcome to Hrastwood and Technatmos. I am HrastProgrammer. A programming artist creating Techno-Logical electronic music and software. I developed my own Tranzistow digital/software synthesizer (also known as Tranzqomputwerk), one of the most powerful, complex and best sounding synthesizer in existence. I am creating electronic music on Tranzistow, with the aid of my KalquLab sequencer, in the same way as I would have created it in the 90s if I had my synthesizer and sequencer available at that time, together with the computer which could run them and all the knowledge I gathered through the years.

This is the culmination of my work and the final stage of my EM/DSP explorations. I started all this many years ago as a programming & software development project dealing with assembler programming, calculators & emulators programming, Pascal, Delphi, BASIC & FORTH development, etc. And now I am able to create complete tracks and albums on Tranzistow, from sound synthesis to effects, with everything playing in realtime and all channels controlled over MIDI from my KalquLab sequencer.

All sounds used in my music are synthesized by myself on Tranzistow only, including drums and percussions, and there are no samples used, with the exception of a few field recordings I made during the years (lightning, rain, birds, water, forest, etc., played/processed through Tranzistow engine, of course). I cannot describe how happy I am because now I can do everything I ever dreamt of. I don't need no hardware or any other synthesizer anymore.

I don't follow any particular genre, style or direction, I just develop software and create electronic music I love and enjoy. It is all like a travel ... by car, train, airplane, boat, spaceship or mind ... through space and time ... through technology and nature ... landscapes, sounds, images, atmospheres, voices, machines, emotions, thoughts and memories ... day and night, rain and sun, rivers and oceans, forests and deserts ... constantly appearing and disappearing, constantly changing ... The circle is now complete.

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