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Welcome to the "HrastProgrammer" project! I started all this many years ago as a programming & software development project dealing with assembler programming, calculators & emulators programming, Pascal & Forth development, etc. Later I integrated electronic music (with ambient/industrial/techno elements), sound synthesis and sequencer/DSP programming into it. Although this EM-side is often referenced as "HrastWerk", it became integral part and (in many aspects) the driving force of the whole project. Also, many other areas of interest influenced my work during the years - nature & space, water & rain, rivers & oceans, environment & ecology, comics, science fiction books & movies, robotics & cybernetics, mathematics & algorithms, VFR & IFR, ...

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HrastProgrammer: Electronic Sounds, Synthesizers, Computers, Sequencers, Effects, Samplers, Software, Programming, Recording.
Nature & Space: Inspiration & Additional Sounds.

No compressors, enhancers, equalizers, exciters, expanders, loudness maximizers, mastering processors, intergalactic teleports, flux capacitors and similar devices have been used on those recordings. So, turn up the volume if necessary ;-)

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