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Streichfett Editor by HrastProgrammer

This page is about my editor for Waldorf Streichfett string synthesizer. Strictly speaking, Streichfett doesn't really need an editor because the user interface is straightforward and everything is accessible through the front panel. But I prefer to have an additional tool for precise editing and patch/bank management. This was also a nice test - to see how the user interface I developed for my Tranzistow synthesizer works for other applications.

Streichfett Editor Download [ZIP file]
(32-bit Windows application - works on x64 as well)

The usual disclaimer ... I developed the editor for myself and it probably won't appeal to everyone, but I cannot do anything about this. If you don't like it then don't use it, simple as that. Also, those who fancy photorealistic user interfaces will have to look elsewhere, I am afraid, or at the Streichfett itself ;-)

Short instructions:

All Streichfett parameters are here + the ability to name patches (of course, names are not stored on Streichfett, only inside a bank file on the computer).

Those A1..C4 buttons on the top select the appropriate patch (both on the editor and Streichfett).

MIDI Channel, Device ID and SysEx Delay are, more or less, straightforward and don't need additional explanation. I found a 100ms SysEx Delay (default) to be satisfactory in all cases.

MIDI Input ... MIDI device to receive data from Streichfett.

MIDI Output ... MIDI device to send data to Streichfett.

MIDI Thru ... Incoming data from this MIDI device will be sent through "MIDI Output" device. I needed this additional port to connect a keyboard controller etc. because Streichfett driver is not multiclient (two applications cannot open the same port). Of course, you can connect the keyboard to Streichfett MIDI IN directly.

Load Bank ... Load a bank file stored on the computer.

Save Bank ... Save a bank file on the computer.

Banks are stored in Windows INI format - just a simple text.

Receive Bank ... Receive a bank from Streichfett (bank = all 12 patches).

Receive Patch ... Receive a currently selected patch from Streichfett (edit buffer).

Send Bank ... Send a bank to Streichfett.

Send Patch ... Send a currently selected patch to Streichfett and save it.

Import Patch/Bank ... Import a bank file from system exclusive file.

Export Bank ... Export a bank file to system exclusive file.

Export Patch ... Export a currently selected patch to system exclusive file.

While editing, all parameters changed inside editor are sent to Streichfett but nothing is saved on the synthesizer until you execute "Send Patch" or save the patch on Streichfett directly. Furthermore, all parameters changed on Streichfett are automatically reflected inside the editor.

That's it ...

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