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Tranzistow 32/64-bit VST Synthesizer by HrastProgrammer

This page is about my Tranzistow Advanced Virtual Software Synthesizer with Additive/Spectral/Wavetable DSP Engine.

In global, Tranzistow (this is not a mistake - it is not "Transistow") is a virtual software synthesizer with 4 independent multi parts. Although it is (to some extent) inspired by Waldorf Q, Waldorf Microwave II/XT, Alesis Andromeda, Oberheim Xpander and John Bowen Solaris, I believe it has a unique sound and tons of unique features not found on any other synthesizer. Various forms of synthesis are supported including Virtual Analog, Wavetable (with classic, crossfade and full-interpolation modes), FM, Ring Modulation, Oscillator Sync, Vectors, Rotors (as in Solaris), various filter models (SVF, Transistor Lader with fully configurable poles, Diode LowPass Ladder, ...), Comb Filters, WaveShaping, freely drawable Contour Generators, etc, etc.

The following versions were planned:

Tranzistow v4/32 ... 32-bit, 4 parts with SSE3 engine and 4-way multithreading ... Finished.

Tranzistow v4/64 ... 64-bit, 4 parts with SSE3 engine and 4-way multithreading ... Finished.

Tranzistow v4/32+ ... 32-bit, 4 parts with SSE3 engine and 4-way multithreading + Additive+FM/GPU engine ... Finished.

Tranzistow v4/64+ ... 64-bit, 4 parts with SSE3 engine and 4-way multithreading + Additive+FM/GPU engine ... Finished.

Tranzistow v8/32 ... 32-bit, 8 parts (4 main + 4 sub) with SSE3 engine and 4-way multithreading ... Finished.

Tranzistow v8/64 ... 64-bit, 8 parts (4 main + 4 sub) with SSE3 engine and 4-way multithreading ... Finished.

Tranzistow v8/32+ ... 32-bit, 8 parts (4 main + 4 sub) with SSE3 engine and 4-way multithreading + Additive+FM/GPU engine ... Finished.

Tranzistow v8/64+ ... 64-bit, 8 parts (4 main + 4 sub) with SSE3 engine and 4-way multithreading + Additive+FM/GPU engine ... Finished.

All versions have 64 voices total polyphony in multithreading mode and 24-voice total polyphony in singlethreaded mode (8 parts are not available in singlethreaded mode).

I developed Tranzistow for myself in the first (and only) place. My goal was not to (try to) emulate existing (hardware or software, analog or digital) synthesizers (although I was inspired by some of them) but to create something I can actually use in my own music, to master DSP/Assembler/Vector/SSE/AVX/GPU/OpenCL programming, to refresh my mathematics knowledge and, last but not least - to have fun. As a result, the synthesizer is mostly unconventional, some features (which most users take for granted) could be missing or could look rather strange, user interface may not be everybody's cup of tea because it was designed according to my habits/needs, etc. Scroll down the page for screenshots and conditions of use ...

Tranzistow is not a commercial product but, although I didn't have any plans to sell it, I already sold a few copies to interested sound programmers/designers. So, if you want to buy it the price is 249.99 USD for the version without Additive+FM/GPU engine (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are included into this price). The version with Additive+FM/GPU engine is not available to the public at the moment. You are allowed to install Tranzistow on a reasonable number of computers - there is no need to buy a separate license for each computer. By "reasonable" I mean a few computers you are using at home and/or in the studio, not computers in the classrooom, for example. At the above price - and taking into account the vast number of features and possibilities built into the engine, together with the highest possible sound quality - the Tranzistow is severely underpriced/undervalued! But I really don't intend to make a business out of all this and just wanted to give a chance to buy Tranzistow to anyone who find it useful in the current form, nothing else. Contact me by mail at the bottom of the page if interested ...

Tranzistow demo version:

Tranzistow Demo Download [32/64-bit Windows version] (unzip into the VST folder and that's it)

Loading/saving patches is disabled in demo version but otherwise - it is fully functional and no other features are disabled or crippled.

Some of Tranzistow demos made by myself, mostly various drones, sequences and wavetable madness :-)

Tranzistow demos made by Miroslav Tropcic, full album in fact ...

Ghost Ship (

Hidden Parameters:

Graphical Contour Editor:

Graphical Envelope Editor:

Alternate Hidden Parameters:


Additive+FM/GPU Engine:

External control interface + Native support for Behringer BCR2000 controller:

[*] Specifications:


[*] Technical Details

* Requirements: 32/64-bit Windows VST 2.x host and SSE3 capable CPU.

* The complete low-level audio/processing/control/MIDI/FX engine is written in 100% Intel x86/x64 assembler utilizing SSE3 instructions for vector processing - that's the main reason why there are 4 (and multiples of 4) elements of each module (oscillators, filters, etc.) because I am processing 4 vector elements in parallel.

* 32-bit integers and single-precision floating point numbers are used for all processing as a proof that, if done properly, you don't need 64-bit and double-precision to achieve a high-quality sound. The only place where I had to switch to double-precision is the sample engine because I wanted sample oscillators to be able to handle large files with a high resolution.

* User interface and all other high-level tasks are written in Borland Delphi.

* The engine is optimized for 96kHz sample rate. Other sample rates can be used, of course, but 96kHz is the only officially supported sample rate. On today's machines it doesn't have much sense to intentionally degrade a sound by using lower sample rates just to save some CPU, and 192kHz is really an overkill, especially with Dual and Quad audio processing engines.

[*] Conditions of use:

* I developed the synthesizer for myself and it probably won't appeal to everyone, but I cannot do anything about this, I am afraid. So, please, try the demo first to see if it works on your system and if you actually like it.

* If you donít like then don't use it, simple as that ;-) I really don't have the time and patience to argue about something someone doesn't like, or whether "it is or isn't analog enough" etc.

* I don't have a manual yet because I just didn't have enough time to write it. I will do my best to answer any questions by mail but most features are straightforward anyway, and everything written about Diodow applies to Tranzistow, as well. If this isn't OK with you then, please, don't buy it.

* I've done my best to make it 100% compatible with the VST specification but if it still doesn't work (or doesn't work well) under some VST hosts then - sorry. There are tons of various VST hosts out there and the exploration of all sorts of VST hosts quirks is almost "mission impossible".

* There are no presets included - my synthesizers are aimed at sound programmers, not preset players. If you don't know how to design/program sounds then this synthesizer is not for you, I am afraid.

* The synthesizer is "feature finished" - no new features will be added so, please, don't ask for a new feature, user interface changes, VST3 support, additional VST automation support, VST preset management, etc. I also don't have any plans to support AU, AAX, RTAS or any other platform beside VST.

* Only Windows version is available because I couldn't care less about Macburger, Apples, iCrap, Androshit, Linoox, etc. But, if you want to finance the development for any of the aforementioned feel free to contact me.

* I am not responsible for anything you do with this software - use it at your (and only your) own risk!

* You agree that your name and e-mail address will appear on the registered version stating that you are a registered user.

* You agree that a registered version contains various (hidden) unique signatures/watermarks (so I can easily locate a source if a particular copy ends up pirated).

* You may not alter this software in any way, including changing or removing any messages.

* You may not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, modify, distribute, rent or resell this software, or create derivative works based upon it.

Copyright © 2008-2015 by HrastProgrammer. All rights reserved.

All content (audio, graphics, software, etc.) on this and related websites is fully copyrighted. You can download the music for your personal listening only, but you cannot redistribute it, modify it, sample it, sell it, release it, perform it, broadcast it, stream it, or use it in any other way, commercially or non-commercially, personally or in public, without my explicit written permission!