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Tranzistow 32/64-bit Synthesizer by HrastProgrammer

This page is about my Tranzistow Advanced Virtual Software Synthesizer with Additive/Spectral/Wavetable DSP Engine.

In global, Tranzistow (this is not a mistake - it is not "Transistow") is a multitimbral multithreaded virtual software synthesizer with 8 independent multimode parts. Although it is (to some extent) inspired by Alesis Andromeda, Waldorf Q, John Bowen Solaris, Oberheim Xpander, Waldorf Microwave II/XT, Yamaha FS1R, DX and SY series, it has a unique sound and tons of unique features not found on any other synthesizer. Various forms of synthesis are supported including Additive, Virtual Analog/Modeling (VA), Wavetable (with classic, crossfade and full wave interpolation modes), two completely independent FM engines (oscillator FM + QFM), Formant Synthesis, Ring Modulation, Oscillator Sync, Vectors, Rotors (as in Solaris), various filter models (SVF 12/24dB, 6dB to 24dB Transistor Ladder with fully configurable poles, 24dB Diode LowPass Ladder, ...), Filter Chaining, Filter FM, Comb Filters, extensive modulation capabilities, WaveShaping, freely drawable Contour Generators, exhaustive FX section including quad-channel Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Delay and Reverb units, etc, etc.

You can read more about Tranzistow here:

Short Description of Tranzistow Synthesizer [PDF file] ... Reading this document is MANDATORY before you start working with Tranzistow!

I developed Tranzistow for myself in the first place. My goal was not to (try to) emulate existing (hardware or software, analog or digital) synthesizers (although I was inspired by some of them) but to create something I can actually use in my own music, to master DSP/Assembler/Vector/SSE/AVX/AVX2/GPU/OpenCL/ARM/NEON programming, to refresh my mathematics knowledge and, last but not least - to have fun. As a result, the synthesizer is mostly unconventional, some features (which most users take for granted) could be missing or could look rather strange, user interface may not be everybody's cup of tea because it was designed according to my habits/needs, etc.

Tranzistow is a synthesizer for pure electronic artists, sound programmers, synth lovers and creators of true electronic music, it doesn't pretend to be anything else. So, if you need beautiful, unique, powerful and most complex synthetic electronic sounds of the highest quality - then you are at the right place. It isn't really aimed at keyboard players and, although it can be used for such duties, there are much easier ways to obtain the usual keyboard sounds. It is like buying a ultra-capable 4x4 offroad vehicle and use it for everyday driving - isn't it simpler and much more convenient to use a small city car to go shopping?

Windows version:

Tranzistow v4.8.H Windows Download [7Z file with both 32/64-bit versions, last update 2021-04-14]
Tranzistow v4.8.H Windows "Lock Refresh" Download [7Z file with both 32/64-bit versions, last update 2021-04-14]
("Lock Refresh" version has various enhancements which can speed up GUI loading on some hosts, but can have visual artefacts on the others)

Linux version:

Tranzistow v4.8.H Linux Download [ZIP file with both 32/64-bit versions, last update 2021-04-14]
(see Linux section at the end of the above PDF document for more info about Linux version)

Tranzistow was initially a VST 2.x synthesizer but I wanted to get it out of that "plugin hole" for a long time and, as from Summer 2019 Build, I finally decided to do it. So, Tranzistow is now available as "Hrastow Tranzistow" 32/64-bit package with my own application environment called Hrastow. This environment is a standalone synthesizer controlled by MIDI (two main and one control input are provided) which also contains ASIO host and a simple VST 2.x host with 5 FX slots (one for each Tranzistow stereo output), each of them being able to load two VST plugins in serial. The main purpose of those slots is the ability to use some external VST effects to process Tranzistow outputs or 4 external inputs if needed, but they can also load other VST synthesizers like my own Diodow synthesizer, for example. There is a separate mixer where input and output levels for each of those 5 slots can be individually adjusted. Furthermore, there is an internal oversampler, so you can achieve 88.2/96kHz quality on systems with 44.1/48kHz sample rates.

Due to high demand, Tranzistow can still be loaded in other VST hosts as well. Just download the latest package and copy Tranzistow DLLs into your VST plugins folder so they can be used by the host. Also copy TranzistowPatches and TranzistowWaves folders. But, and a big BUT - if it doesn't work (or doesn't work well) with a particular host then bad luck, sorry. Life is too short to fight with all those hosts out there and that's one of the reasons why I decided to develop a standalone version.

The big thing about all this is that I am now providing a full Tranzistow version as part of the package! Yes, full multimode/multithreaded Tranzistow, no demo anymore! It's exactly the same environment I was using in my own music (in the meantime I switched to my private X2 version where I can now create complete tracks on Tranzistow alone). When working with Hrastow you have to control it over MIDI from the sequencer (either from a separate computer or using LoopBe virtual MIDI driver) and mix it using a real mixer (or some virtual mixer directly on the computer). This offer is aimed at people who really want to use Tranzistow as a main synthesizer in their music (either with Hrastow or in VST hosts), not as "just another plugin". It is released as a "mandatory donationware" with donations ranging from 50 EUR up to 200 EUR or more depending on how much Tranzistow will be worth to you, on how many computers do you intend to use it, etc. Only PayPal donations to are accepted. Please, keep in mind this still isn't a commercial project so no support, no assistance in getting it to work, no troubleshooting of your system, etc. Of course, I will make enhancements and fix bugs when I encounter them simply because this is the synthesizer I am using on a daily basis and will be using in my music for years to come. This also means that I can actively test it on Windows XP, 7 and 10 with various ASIO drivers for audio interfaces I have (E-MU, ESi, ASIO4All). Donations cannot be returned, so think twice before donating, check if it works for you in the current state, decide how much it is important to you and then donate the appropriate amount. Those who donated 200 EUR or more can contact me by mail and receive a personalized version with these "donationware" messages removed. And don't insult yourself, me and Tranzistow with donations below 50 EUR. If you think this synthesizer isn't worth at least 50 EUR then it isn't for you, sorry.

Those who donated can eliminate "donationware" messages by putting the following section into Tranzistow.ini:

User=HrastProgrammer / Tranzistow - Donated

Those who didn't donate can do this as well because karma will catch up with them anyway.

The package comes with over 3700 of my own patches which can be easily browsed through by clicking on the "Browse" button located on the "Patch/FX" page. Those patches illustrate the way I work and the way I use synthesizers for, so they probably don't appeal to everyone. They also demonstrate the great range and variety of sounds Tranzistow can make and cover most of Tranzistow functionality, albeit some features are touched very lightly and just in a few patches.

Great bank with Tranzistow patches (and some other goodies like user waves, contours and samples) made by Nicolas Jaussaud (aka Yuli Yolo):

Tranzistow Patches by Nicolas Jaussaud (aka Yuli Yolo) [ZIP file]

A nice Tranzistow patch bank by Yan Goedike:

Tranzistow Patches by Yan Goedike [ZIP file]

Great Tranzistow tutorials and patches by Tim Hill:

Using Tranzistow with Reaper - Notes & Tutorials [PDF file]
Tranzistow Patches by Tim Hill [ZIP file]

Diodow bank with 100 patches made by Ed Ten Eyck can be used with Tranzistow as well:

Diodow Patches by EDT [ZIP file]

Another bank with ~28000 Yamaha DX7 patches I reworked for Tranzistow QFM engine:

Tranzistow QFM Patches [ZIP file]

Most of them probably don't sound very close to the actual DX7 but they should serve as an excellent starting point for making new patches as there aren't many QFM patches that come with Tranzistow.

Behringer BCR2000 system exclusive file for ECI (External Control Interface) is here. You can use my Syxer program to send it to the BCR2000 device.

Some comments on Tranzistow:

"I will just say that it's certainly impressive the amount of work you've put into your projects, both the synths and the music! Incredible amount of output musically, and so I know you are passionate about it. And I must say, it's very excellent work! ... I see you did get some inspiration by my Solaris, which is a very nice compliment ... Let me say again how impressive your music production is! It's a lot of work, and beautifully done. I know when I first was making the Scope plugins, each time I would sit and play, sometimes for hours, through certain sounds that just seemed to inspire a musical phrase or a dream idea ... And so much of what is now being produced out there is, to be honest, boring to me. Just running a 16 step sequencer and adjusting filter cutoffs and so on - there's nothing 'skillful' about that, and there's so much of it going on now. But your music is so much more - very deep soundscapes! And the Solaris is very much that type of instrument, with a focus on pad sounds and textures, so I hear what you've done with your Tranzistow synth and I'm quite amazed!" John Bowen (the creator of Solaris synthesizer,

"You are totally crazy!" (Holger Drenkelfort of Sonic Core after seeing/hearing Tranzistow presentation in my studio)

"Hrast, i just got to tell you. I have not had such a joy with a synth since impOSCar / VAZ Modular. I don't know what magic you did but the main tone/sound/filters are wonderful. And rumours says you did that in assembler? My hat is off to you dear sir."

"This is my dream synth!"

"I wanted to reaffirm my total appreciation of the DSP programming work you have done with Tranzistow. I have many great synths (hardware, software, analog, digital) but nothing quite compares to the organic qualities that I have been able to coax from your brilliant synthesizer. You have done great work with Tranzistow, make no mistake about it. I can't thank you enough for this brilliant addition to my musical life."

"You can add me to the list of people who consider your Tranzistow one of the best software synth available. It is such a pity it is so obscure, more people should play with it. You deserve much more exposure. I really hope some company will acknowledge your talent and offer you the chance to implement your ideas in hardware."

"Modal should hire HrastProgrammer. I tried wavescaning on his Tranzistow synthesizer, it is by far the best software implementation i've heard so far. You can actually hear that crunchy graining thing where so many others fail."

"Tranzistow is slowly becoming a go-to synth for me. Looks like an 80s NASA control interface, sounds like a dream."

"Tranzistow is a monster. The guy programmed it all in assembly language and some Delphi, even John Bowen praises his work. Check it out! Be warned ... Tranzistow is hard core, haven't even figured it all out. It can do every form of synthesis. The programmer is nothing short of a genius."

"Somebody gave me the URL to these synths because of how bat shit ugly they look. When I took the time to actually dive into them, I found a couple of real gems that turned out to be my favorite synths of everything I've ever owned; bought or otherwise."

"Hrast is, for me, one of the best dev with Gol, Urs and Dmitry from Diversion and Richard from Synapse."

"Diodow is amazing but I have been lost for hours in playing with Tranzistow despite only having the demo version. Yes, the interfaces are, shall we say, idiosyncratic, and their possible complexity is boggling but, even so, HrastProgrammer's synths cannot be praised highly enough IMO."

"Just tried Diodow today, what a great sounding synth, really impressed with the core sound. The UI is a bit retro to say the least but that shouldnt detract from the top notch synth engine, better than many commercial synths hard and soft."

"Hrast is a bad ass DSP programmer!"

"Can we please give HrastProgrammer a statue, his musical output is amazing! A humble genius, for sure."

"I strongly believe that your beautiful synth will have a profound and lasting impact on music in this century and beyond."

"Hrast, you just made me a very happy person! Many thanks again for sharing your talent with us, both as a musician and a programmer. Tranzistow is amazing! "

"For me, I'm happy for anyone who makes something amazing like this (for their own use) to choose to share it on any terms that they wish to offer."

"Programming this thing was a blast."

"And well worth getting. Even if all you do is use the presets, of which there are a ton. This thing sounds amazing and even with all my "expensive" VSTs, I turn to Tranzistow often."

"If people can use their ears instead of their eyes, they will realize how amazing this synth is."

"I thought I had enough synths, but this one is just incredibly brilliant and fun."

"It would be a real shame if only a very few people knew about this gem."

"It's amazing and sounds beautiful!"

"The phase modulation combined with the amazing sounding filters is worth the asking price alone!"

"Most recently, I found this instrument and was very surprised by its capabilities and sound! It's fine! It was created by a wonderful programmer who knows how to program sound! Wow!"

"I have a suspicion that I will only use this synthesizer, and everyone else will go to the landfill of oblivion!"

"Thank you so much Hrast! I love your synthesizer more and more every day! People must know your instrument! Definitely it is a landmark tool in the history of VST!"

"Tranzistow ... This seems like a well-kept secret."

"Tranzistow is def the most amazing VSTi ever."

"If you want to hear a synth with superlative sound quality go download Tranzistow."

"Tranzistow already was one of the most powerful synths out there, now we can safely say it also crushes any FM synth out there."

"And what I can surely tell you is MAN this instrument is a Pad and Atmosphere MACHINE!! Lots of real simple Monosynth sounds too, but if you're looking to make a film or ambient background track then look no further than Tranzistow!"

"Your generosity with your time and talent is very much appreciated. Many thanks again, I may have a go at building a couple of classic synths with this because the sound is BEYOND competitive compared to the current commercially available emulations. Masterpiece!"

"Tranzistow is The Beast. Once again, Hrast, you're a Master."

"I've just installed this and it sounds fantastic, full of character."

"It's an incredible sounding synth. Just flicking through a few of the thousands of presets and you can tell this one is very special."

"This thing is coded with deep love and affection and it's hard to not get swept along on the journey. His music is also very special."

"How deep is the modulation? Extremely f**king deep."

"The downright masochistic GUI is the main thing that's keeping me from using this synth."

"But yes, Tranzistow is certainly one of the very best software synths out there."

"The UI was designed by Satan."

"Once you get to know him, Satan is really a nice guy, and get things done really quickly."

"I really don't understand what you guys don't understand about Tranzistow, you read it from left to right, enable the modules you want etc. There are indeed some tricky trivial parts, but nothing too complicated. It's all about persistance, you either want or don't want to control the beast."

"It sounds exceptional, you can just play the presets to get an idea of it. Most importantly, it has character and Mojo."

"Gosh I love this synthesizer. One of the best-sounding and most capable I've ever used."

"Tranzistow is a fantastic synthesizer! A pure diamond."

"I agree with all the good things said about Tranzistow, it might be the best sounding VST synth existing."

"I see lots of complaints about the UI, and I quite agree with all of that, but at the same time, I'm thinking, imagine if the UI/workflow was on par with the sound, what would there be left for other synths? I think maybe it's better this way, better for the ecosystem :)"

"Yeah, reverb is super dense and smooth. Definitely at the same level as Valhalla verbs."

"I fell in love with this synth. Most of the time I don't really have a clue what I am doing, but the outcome is incredible."

"And in fifth position, the real cherry on top of the cake! This is a love at first glance! This is a sound design geek's dream! The pinnacle of programming! It is just a monster in terms of capabilities! Synthesizer Tranzistow! What can this synthesizer do? It covers almost all kinds of synthesis and it has excellent analog sound thanks to its wonderful filters. In addition, it comes with just a huge number of presets that are impossible to listen in one day! But there is one drawback. It has a very, very unfriendly interface. The fact is that initially Hrast wrote it exclusively for himself, so it was easy for him to work with it, knowing where everything located. But for me, it was immediately very difficult to navigate."

"Biggest thanks of all to HrastProgrammer. Incredible software. Incredible music. Incredible human being."

"You sir are a gemstone!"

Some of old Tranzistow demos made by myself, mostly various drones, sequences and wavetable madness :-)

Tranzistow demos made by Miroslav Tropcic - full album, in fact:

Ghost Ship (

Hidden Parameters:

Graphical Contour Editor:

Graphical Envelope Editor:

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Morphing Filter Bank:

Patch Wavetables:

Multi Mode Editor:


Patch Browser:


Additive+FM/GPU Engine:

External Control Interface + Native support for Behringer BCR2000 controller:

Linux Version:

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